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Musicians Interguild Credit Union

We get it! Small size credit unions don't have big marketing budgets, and some don't have a budget at all. After talking to the CEO for several years, the time had come. MICU really needed a new website to stay viable in an online world. We took an old archaic-looking site that was non-operational and said goodbye…and then, created a contemporary site with a responsive design. It was clean and simple and beautiful. All of my other credit union clients googled at it with awe. The year was 2014 before responsive design became a thing for credit unions. Happy with how the website was progressing, MICU invested their small amount of marketing dollars into 21Cs expertise. We created pre-approvals, direct mail, email promotions and e-marketing blasts, posters, advertising, and newsletters. We even gave them a Facebook page and managed it; creating organic and paid posts, and we managed the website too.

our new website has been met with resounding approval. You have sucessfully redesigned to make our members' credit union experience more productive with easy access to online banking, statements, promotions, Facebook and more. Thank you for your hard work.

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